Choose the best hosting for your WordPress.(VER VIDEO ACA ABAJO)

When it comes to hiring the best WordPress hosting you can walk a little lost and have a lot of doubts when choosing, you may not know whether to opt for a budget accommodation or pay a little more money to not have problems.

The truth is that hiring a hosting provider can raise many questions when it comes to knowing what storage capacity you need to hire, the transfer limits you need or the number of domains you can get stored in it.

I recommend that you do not take this part lightly and do not fall into the temptation to buy the first hosting you see, no one gives anything, look well that offers each offer.

Why invest in the best server for WordPress
There are several types of hostings, Webempresa is the one that I use for almost all my projects, for me one of the best servers today. It is an easy to use, reliable and human server with 30 days warranty and very good technical service.

If you are looking for similar servers of high quality, I also recommend and use with my clients others like aiola Networks or Siteground. From my experience together with Webcompany are the 3 best

Webcompany, Raiola Networks or Siteground are the best hosting where to host your website

What I want is for you to understand, is that an inexpensive hosting or a free server are not the best options to host your website.

When choosing the best shared hosting you have to see that the hosting offers: speed, security, php, Let’s Encrypt certificate (necessary to migrate your website to https), are some of the necessary factors that you will see in the post and that you have to have a quality web hosting.

That’s why you shouldn’t be wrong and you have to choose the best hosting for your WordPress.

You’re not selecting an exclusive server as a VPS hosting, let alone a dedicated server (you have to grow a lot to need it) so it’s important that your website when you start is hosted on a shared server that offers the best for it to be optimized and have no fall problems.

If your website grows a lot, over time it’s a good sign and you may need a VPS cloud or Kinsta server

If your online project grows, you’re more than likely to need a VPS cloud server, where resources aren’t shared with anyone but are reserved for you. Clouding is the perfect cloud service for this, as your Cloud VPS servers are resource-adjustable. You can expand and reduce RAM, CPU, and SSD as much as you want.
To this we must add the wide list of pre-installed images that you have (including WordPress), a good support and customer service and a datacenter that is located in Barcelona. Your data, which is protected by the GDPR, does not leave Spain.

The Clouding client dashboard is very user-friendly. From there, you manage both your servers and the billing of your account, which is also flexible. Clouding is equipped with a pre-paid system in which you decide when you make the balance top-ups and for what amounts, paying only for what you use.

You can sign up and unsubscribe at any time, with no minimum fees or permanence commitments and give you the first 5o balance in your account to test their cloud server platform.

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