Online MBA increases, and so do students (VER VIDEO ACA ABAJO) to study from home

The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and the OBS Business School lead the rankings, followed by Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR), the European Postgraduate Institute and the Tecmilenio University of Monterrey (Mexico).

Each year the online MBA offer increases, and so do students who opt for this modality. Time flexibility, constant updating, mobility, personalized training and internationality and cultural diversity are the main aspects that characterize distance studies, as they point out from the FSO (Training Superior Online), which has published its fourth edition.

In order to be part of the ranking, all institutions must teach Spanish speaking programs with more than 80% in online mode and that the courses have a minimum age of five years or editions. To carry out the 4th edition of the FSO ranking, more than 120 indicators have been analyzed to measure all the relevant variables of the study, divided into three sections: Institution (reputation, online transparency and social extension), Actors (cloister and students) and students and students) and Training (training offer and methodology).

Increased salary after THE MBA and great satisfaction with the program

This edition has evaluated more than 130 educational institutions in Spain, Latin America and the United States through surveys aimed at the program leaders of the institution itself, web metrics and more than 4,000 surveys of students and alumni. Among the information analyzed and the questionnaires taken, it points out that, on average, students increase their salary by 27.8% after completing an online MBA and that 93.4% of them find work (if they did not have it before) once they have passed this training, a 70.6% in a profession related to this field.

Other important data have also been extracted such as the average price of each program (7,056 euros); the distribution of methodology among theorist (45.2%) (54.8%); or the distribution of sexes among students (41% women and 59% men). In addition, a high score of satisfaction in all aspects is collected by students when assessing their experience by taking the MBA online, according to the data collected by 88.5% opinion that the master’s degree far or quite exceeds their expectations.

According to Sebastián Fernández, responsible for this ranking in Hamilton, «every time we start working on a new edition, we realize that the number of institutions that offer master’s degrees given almost 100% online and that meet the minimum of editions necessary is greater than in previous years, something that until now was the main barrier to participation in the rankings.» He also states that «in addition to increasing the participation of institutions in the ranking, the quality standards of the master’s degrees that we measure are getting better, which implies that higher online training is increasingly adapted to current needs «.

This MBA forms high-level managers capable of making decisions in complex and changing environments, through an integrative vision and in-depth study of the different areas of the company thanks to the development and implementation of knowledge.

The evaluation of programmes is fundamentally practical.

The MBA Specialty in General Management is aimed at professionals with managerial and/or executive responsibilities. It reinforces the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to meet the increasingly complex and changing challenges of the business world.

Through the continuous resolution of case studies you receive an effective training to make the right decisions, assessing the risks and the scope of your actions.
You will be able to participate in a Simulation as a closure of your Program, in which, as a group, you will try to give maximum profitability to shareholders by making correct decisions for a fictitious company.
It will allow you to develop fundamental faculties for a manager.
It will provide you with a global vision of the company and design a comprehensive strategy involving all the critical business areas.

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