computerized medical software technology (VER VIDEO ACA ABAJO) for record-breaking aniysis

Medical Software can be defined as a software platform, which handles and stores patients’ medical records. Increasingly used in hospitals, clinics, and medical consultations. Today, legal regulations are incentivizing clinics, hospitals, and physician consultations to implement the shift to digital clinical history.

I am sure that this will be of great interest to my fellow doctors, I leave you a magnificent analysis of the best medical software and consultations. It will help you make a decision when hiring it.

As you may have noticed, doctors almost no longer use the paper to take notes at our patients’ visits. For reasons of security of the confidential data of our patients, for legal reasons, to avoid losing medical information, to increase efficiency in clinical management, etc… increasingly computerized medical history is being used within medical software.

For doctors who own small or medium medical appointments, adopting medical software can seem like an investment of enormous proportions in time and money. However, in order to keep up with technology and avoid legal problems, adopting good medical software is a necessary breakthrough. Also today, prices have fallen a lot.

The best Electronic Clinical History programs for doctors or for medium-sized multi-specialty clinics (up to 50 users) analyzed and rated are DriCloud, Infomed, Salus, MNprogram, Ofimedic, Cliniccloud and Axon.

There is more on the market, but they are not considered for not reaching a minimum level of quality or for not complying with European legal regulations. Let us remember that European personal data protection legislation is the strictest in the world and not all clinical management software can comply with this strict legislation.

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